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Four locks, four common features

Anti-Snap Anti-Snap

Every Brisant lock has anti-snap tech built in - as standard.

Modular Kits Modular Kits

All our locks come with modular kits. Carrying these means you can make up any lock - even thumbturns.

Dual Colour Dual Colour

Brisant take away the cost and stock balance of chrome and nickel. All of our locks are dual colour, suiting every handle.

Non Handed Non Handed

Our anti-snap tech is in both ends of our locks. This halves the amount of anti-snap lock stock you need to carry.

Speech Mark Used Brisant Secure D locks for the first time today. V impressed, ordered Thurs pm here Fri am, top quality locks too - I'm converted!! Dean Stephenson | Lock Solutions Speech Mark

Watch how Brisant Locks stop jamming.

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Bottom of the Brisant E Lock Front of the Brisant E Lock Side of the Brisant E Lock

Brisant-E offers enhanced 5-pin security with a traditional vertical keyway and great value. With the pinning and modular kit availability Brisant-E has been the main lock offering for many locksmiths for many years.


Bottom of the Brisant D Lock Front of the Brisant D Lock Side of the Brisant D Lock

We combined the simple yet strong and dependable design elements of the Brisant-E and gave it another pin and a dimple horizontal key. Brisant-D delivers all the options of its stable mate, plus the addition of an oval and bullet catch option with the same keyway.


Bottom of the Brisant BS Lock Front of the Brisant BS Lock Side of the Brisant BS Lock

Brisant-BS combines TS007 accreditation with great value. Its 1* rating comes with a next day kitemarked key'd alike service.


Bottom of the Ultion Lock Front of the Ultion Lock Side of the Ultion Lock

Ultion isn't just the flagship lock of the Brisant range, it is the flagship lock. By launch it will be accredited to TS007 3* as well as the MLA's coveted Sold Secure Diamond. Click here to visit the Ultion product page.

Ultion Polished

Bottom of the Ultion Lock Front of the Ultion Lock Side of the Ultion Lock

As well as the easy-to-stock, dual-colour finish Ultion is also available in a high polish single colour on both chrome and brass.

Oval Lock

Bottom of the Oval Lock Front of the Oval Lock Side of the Oval Lock

Our anti-snap, 6 pin Oval lock is based on the Brisant-D platform and keyway, giving keyed alike opportunities with Brisant-D locks. To match the aluminium finish it is in 100% nickel.

Full Rim

Bottom of the Full Rim Lock Front of the Full Rim Lock Side of the Full Rim Lock

The Rim lock is a solid forged brass construction and works on the same keyway as both Brisant-D and Brisant-E so that you can offer instant keyed alike throughout your customers home.

Skinny Rim

Bottom of the Skinny Rim Lock Front of the Skinny Rim Lock Side of the Skinny Rim Lock

Our skinny rim lock is just that, a skinny version of the full version. It is still forged from solid brass rather than cutting quality and cost by going to a brittle zinc cast.


Bottom of the Bullet Lock Front of the Bullet Lock Side of the Bullet Lock

Even the Brisant Bullet’s have been designed in conjunction with the rest of our locks. The 6 pin platform is that from the Brisant-D keyway, giving you cylinders, ovals, rim and bullet locks all operating from the same key.

Speech Mark Had a cylinder change on Friday. Oh no I don't have a thumbturn version. No probs I use Brisant module cylinders. Job done happy days! Secure Lock & Safe Speech Mark

Range Guide

Lock Comparison Chart
Brisant E Brisant D Brisant BS Ultion
Pins 5 6 6 11
Key Type Open Restricted Restricted Restricted
Key Way Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal
Dual Colour Ticked box Ticked box Ticked box Ticked box
Non Handed Ticked box Ticked box Ticked box Ticked box
Thumb Turn Ticked box Ticked box Ticked box Ticked box
Skinny Rim Ticked box Ticked box - -
Full Rim Ticked box Ticked box - Ticked box
Oval Cylinder - Ticked box - -
Scan Oval - Ticked box - -
Bullet Catch - Ticked box - -
Half Cylinder Ticked box Ticked box - -
Modular Kits Ticked box Ticked box Ticked box Ticked box
Pinning Kits Ticked box Ticked box - Ticked box
Pin Combinations 30,000 70,000 140,000 294,740
Master Key Service

Express Master Key Service

You don’t have to wait weeks for a master key order to be delivered any more. If you order your master key needs from Brisant you can expect your delivery in 2 to 4 days time (depending on how many there are!). 

Every lock in the Brisant range can be made to a master key system, giving the you option of a fully kite marked suite with our BS range, or a Sold Secure Diamond suite by using Ultion. Opt for Brisant-D and you can include rim locks, bullets locks and Scandinavian oval within the set.

Build your own lock on site

Not having the right lock means ordering the right lock, waiting for it to be delivered, then going back to site - expensive nightmare. Making sure that you always have stock for every eventuality means cash tied up in locks being carried around for months (or even years) - expensive nightmare. We do locks for locksmiths, our locks take the expense out of being a locksmith.

Keyed alike in 2 minutes

Combine the Brisant modular lock with the extreme simplicity of our pinning system and you can have a keyed 2 keyed alike locks made up and ready to fit within a couple of minutes. No ordering, no waiting, no return visits. Simple.

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Ultion Lock Side View
Modular Kits

Your Brisant stock can benefit from carrying a handful of modular cylinders, in sizes all the way up to 85mm!

Even if you don't have the right modular kit at that exact moment, there's still no panic.....

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Reassemble 2 cylinders to make the size you need
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Get the ultimate peace of mind by knowing that you can 'break' any two locks from your stock and rejoin different halves to make an entirely different lock.

Some seasoned Brisant customers report that they have this down to less than two minutes!
Check back in a few days and see this on our video.

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Pinning is a piece of cake
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Hopefully you'll be getting the picture of how Brisant locks are designed to make your locksmith life an easier and more product life.

Pinning our locks is a piece of cake too. By tapping the key code into our website you can immediately get the pin code combination.
Check back in a few days and see this on our video.

Colour coded pins for your convenience

Whilst a Brisant pinning kit is really practical it's not too hard to imagine accidentally dropping one of those itsy bitsy little pins into a different compartment. That's why we made all of our pins a slightly different colour to each other, now when you have a 3 amongst the 5's it is super easy to spot and pop back in it's right home.

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