We listen to our customers, then we deliver

We aren’t the type of people who say that we listen to our customers, and then ignore what they heard. Our business has grown by making sure that our locksmith customers keep coming back because they can get what they need when they need it.

Meet the management

Steve Stewart
  • Steve Stewart (aka Lock Lord)
  • also known for...
  • MD at Avocet ABS
  • Arm Wrestling
Warren Yates
  • Warren Yates
  • also known for...
  • Commercial director at Yale
  • Sailing
Nick Dutton
  • Nick Dutton
  • also known for...
  • Door-Stop International
  • Citroen 2CVs

Meet the sales team

There are none. We don’t sell.

We make it easy for locksmiths to sell our products, then we make it easy for locksmiths to buy from us.

Under the lock

What we do

We design locks that locksmiths tell us they want. We make other popular brand locks easily available. We test everything we sell in our own BS/MLA test environment. We deliver really really quickly. We make pinning dead easy. We’re a little bit obsessed.

MLA Affiliate Member MLA Logo

Affiliate member means that we support the aims and objectives of the Master Locksmith Association.

BSI Registered

This means that we get audited twice a year to make sure that we keep doing what we said we would.

Under the lock

Now you know more about us...

…hopefully you can see we are dedicated, exclusive and devoted to UK locksmiths. We would really like you to buy from us